LUNATIK is a brand born from the collapse. To take risks, realize things you can not imagine, listen to the public ‘s voices. It was born based on such a philosophy. LUNATIK is designed for people familiar with mobile, communication and technology. Each product is persistently stuck to it. LUNATIK finds invisible connections connecting materials, categories, and all experiences and experiences. That is the deformed design. Changing people’s everyday, we develop such products.

What a dreamer dreams of everyone as a designer, not only to fantasize the product, but to actually make and sell it. I set up Apple iPod nano and made a product that I can wear like a multifunction wristwatch with a sense of premium. This project was innovative not only for ideas but also for its cash flow and launch.

On November 16, 2010, we initiated TikTok + LunaTik at Kickstarter, a cloudfunding service, with the original goal of collecting $ 15,000 in manufacturing costs. As a result, it is surprising that it gathers close to $ 1,000,000 in 30 days. This innovative success story triggered the revolution in product development as crowdfunding began to draw attention from many product designers and entrepreneurial desires in the world, DIY people and inventors, etc. become. I am proud that LUNATIK was a pioneer of this revolution. I would like to continue to be a symbol, a proof of the potential, what kind of things will be possible when the power of the community, a good design, and a good story are combined.