LunaTik, convert your iPod Nano: to Wallpaper

LunaTik Nano

There for the month of November last year, I commented on the possible appearance of LunaTik and TikTok, two accessory projects to be able to turn a previous generation iPod Nano into a whole wristwatch. Subsequently, and coinciding with their sale and the possibility of buying them in the Apple Store, I contacted them to see if they could send us a unit for their test. In particular, we have received a LunaTik, which is the most stylized but more expensive version of the accessory. In this entry, we will see how it is the LunaTik, quality of materials, ease of use and, above all, what feelings it transmits to carry the iPod Nano on the wrist. All that we will see after the jump.

As you can see in the video, the installation is quite simple. But let’s start at the beginning. Just open the box we find the LunaTik, the assembly instructions, and two keys Allen that will allow us to disassemble and mount the aluminum shell where the iPod Nano will be mounted.

As I am of the belief that when all else fails is when you have to read the instructions, swift and fast I take the two keys Allen and, in a matter of seconds, I have managed to separate the two parts that compose it. Of course, make sure you do it on a flat surface and do not lose any of the two screws.

LunaTik Nano

The insertion of the Nano is perfect, without looseness, and this is where we can begin to appreciate the quality and the great design of the two pieces of aluminum. Closing the LunaTik is just as easy as opening it.

The LunaTik conveys a sense of quality in both the hand and the wrist. The materials are of quality and, far from looking like a clock of the “everything to 100” closer, it seems as if the Nano had been from the beginning inside. And that we have tested with a pink Nano. Probably the integration with the gray Nano would have been perfect.

Due to the design of the Nano, we can mount the Nano both with the data connector left and right. This will allow us to use the LunaTik on both the left and right hand, depending on where we want to have the control buttons and the headphone output. It is an excellent detail.

How is the experience of wearing it on the wrist? The truth is that it is quite right, it looks like a lifelong watch, it does not become extremely big, and it is not heavy either. The eighty dollars that cost the LunaTik may seem a rather high price, but once we have tried it and seen the quality of the components, we do not think it is expensive for what it offers. I end the entry by thanking LunaTik for sending us the test unit, and I also thank my partner Pedro SantamarĂ­a for bringing the iPod Nano and for serving as a model in the last photo.

Lunatik to Launch Waterproof Case for Apple Watch

Apple watch case lunatik

Every time is less so that the Apple Watch finally reaches the market and day after day new data about him appear. A few days ago Tim Cook commented that he always carries the smartwatch, even in the shower, confirming that it will be water resistant, a feature that would be reinforced thanks to a housing that would be preparing the Lunatik accessory manufacturer for the Watch.

On March 9 Apple will hold the Keynote “Spring Forward” where they are expected to release more details of the Watch, among other things. Price, release date, more software features, belt availability … are just a few of the Apple Watch related issues that Cupertino’s could try at their next event.

Lunatik is a well-known manufacturer of accessories for iPhone, iPad, and iPod that would now also be working on a waterproof case for the Watch. This accessory is called Epik Apple Watch Kit and would serve to protect the smartwatch from knocks and friction, as well as to improve its resistance to water, a feature that will already be standard.

A case to protect Apple Watch

As we see in the image accompanying this news, this Lunatik waterproof housing would fit around the Watch screen, causing them to increase their dimensions, something that might not end up liking those users looking for a device. Wristless dramatic. However, it can be a great option for those users of Apple Watch who want to give an extra protection and avoid scratches or blows.

At the moment, the Epik Apple Watch Kit from Lunatik is under development and will not be until a few months after it reaches the market. Besides, seeing the images is inevitable to see a certain similarity between the casing for the Watch and the straps that this same manufacturer released for the iPod Nano that turned it into a watch.

Apple watch case lunatik

Surely, accessories manufacturers will launch their corresponding proposals for cases for the Apple watch, and within a few months, there will be more models to choose in addition to the Epik Apple Watch Kit Lunatik. But will these accessories triumph among users?

On March 9, many doubts about the Watch

As we said at the beginning, on March 9 Apple will hold a Keynote called “Spring Forward” that can be followed through streaming on the web or with an Apple TV. Although the company has not disclosed any details about the event, they are expected to offer several Watch details, such as the release date or price, among other things.

But Apple Watch would not be the sole protagonist of Keynote. There are also those who believe that it could be the time chosen to present to the world the iPad Pro and the new version of the MacBook Air with a 12-inch screen.

At the moment, thanks to the guys at Applesfera we know that the Watch will have a waterproof and shock resistant shell made by Lunatik, which can be kind of interesting.

What do you think of this Lunatik case for the Apple Watch? Would you buy a housing for the smartwatch?