Lunatik Taktik Extreme 5

Do you remember Lunatik? Yes, it is the company that launched a pair of iPod case models that transformed iPod nano from the previous generation to the current one into wristwatches. It was so successful that they are still being sold in the Apple Store, and I think it is a unique case since the accessories from previous generations of Apple devices disappear from their stores when the Apple brand launches new products. Now Lunatik has presented the Taktik Extreme 5 case for the iPhone, which makes it a real battleship.

The Taktik case has many added values, such as having a Gorilla glass, closed headphone jack and charging connector, resistance to moisture and dust thanks to membranes that plug the microphone and speakers. We can see more details in this video.

The truth is that I like the design and care they have put into creating one of the cases that best protect the iPhone. Of course, I do not need to say that it is not a cover for everyone. But for those who work or use extreme conditions need excellent protection for the phone, the Taktik have a good chance of having the iPhone protected against almost any setback for $ 124.95. It is available in white and black (much prettier for my taste).

If we do not need so much protection, we can opt for the Taktik Strike, which does not include Gorilla glass and cheap so its price up to 79.95 dollars and is available in several colors.

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